ADHD Treatment in South Australia


Thinking about an ADHD assessment?

If you think you might need an ADHD assessment, start by talking to your GP, especially one who has an interest in mental health. They can help based on what you're experiencing and you'll need their referral to see a specialist.

It's good to learn about ADHD. Look up information, read articles, and maybe try an ADHD screening test.

Remember, diagnosing ADHD can be hard. The signs of ADHD are common behaviours that everyone shows sometimes, like interrupting, being restless, or forgetting things. It's important not to quickly assume these are ADHD.

Also, other problems can look like ADHD. You might have something else that needs attention, not ADHD. Getting the right diagnosis is key to getting the help you need.

ADHD Psychiatry Service for SA

The need for ADHD psychiatrists in South Australia has been increasing, leading to long wait times, sometimes up to 6 months. Untreated ADHD can impact work, education, and relationships.

But at Epsychiatry, we have two psychiatrists who assess and treat ADHD for South Australia residents. We aim to shorten wait times, usually getting patients an appointment within 4 weeks.

GP referrals from SA

If you think you might have ADHD and it's affecting your life, you can get a referral from your GP in South Australia. Your GP can send this to us either by email at [email protected] or by fax. You can find our fax numbers at the bottom of this page.

To make sure we get your referral, it's a good idea to ask your GP for a copy. Sometimes, referrals don't reach us. To avoid delays in starting your treatment, contact us the day after your GP sends the referral to check if we've received it.

We see patients for ADHD assessments on a first-come, first-served basis. Making sure we have your referral can help you get an appointment faster. Also, if you're delayed in responding to our SMS or email, your first appointment might be delayed.

Costs of an ADHD assessment

To help with your assessment, it's best to get a detailed letter from your GP about your current symptoms and concerns. Also, please fill in the questionnaires we send before your appointment. You don't need to see a psychologist before meeting our psychiatrists.

The ADHD first appointment costs $800 for clients in SA. The gap cost, which is what you pay out of pocket, varies between $110 and $554. This depends on if you've reached your Medicare Safety Net Threshold.

If you're not sure about your Medicare safety net status, you can call Medicare or check using the Medicare app on your phone.

Arranging your ADHD assessment with Epsychiatry

Our aim is to streamline your access to our services quickly and smoothly. After we get your referral, we'll clarify the costs, match you with a psychiatrist who takes ADHD referrals in South Australia.

We exclusively offer support via telehealth, which is both cost-effective and time-saving for you. It also provides greater flexibility in scheduling appointments, with availability on weekday evenings as well.

Can I have someone with me?

If you have a partner or someone close to you, it's a good idea for them to come to the first session. When we look into ADHD, knowing how you act from people who know you well helps a lot (if you're okay with that). ADHD medicines can sometimes cause strong side effects, so it's useful for someone you live with to know about these. They can then tell us right away if they notice anything that needs attention.

Preparing for your First ADHD appointment?

We want to make your first appointment as comfortable and stress free as possible.

  1. Make sure you have a list of your current medications ready, and check that it matches the one your GP included in your referral.

  2. If you've taken ADHD medication before, try to remember the names and dosages, as this information can be helpful.

  3. If you've had an ECG [heart rhythm tracing] or blood test in the last three months, please have your GP send us those results.

  4. We'll send you some questionnaires to fill out before your appointment. These are important and must be done before you see the psychiatrist so please fill them out carefully and accurately.

  5. We're committed to making your entry into our services quick and smooth. Our coordinators are experienced in arranging ADHD assessments for our clients in South Australia and will guide you through the process.