ADHD Treatment in Western Australia


ADHD treatment in WA

In Western Australia, the wait to see a psychiatrist for an ADHD assessment can be over eight months. If ADHD isn't spotted or treated, it can really impact someone's work, study, and personal life.

At Epsychiatry, we have psychiatrists who specialise in ADHD. They can see you and prescribe medication if needed. Generally, you can expect to wait about 4 weeks for an appointment at our clinic.

Getting assessed for ADHD in WA

If you think ADHD is affecting your life, you can get a referral from your GP in New South Wales. Your GP can fax it to us at 08 6313 0920 or email it to [email protected].

It's a good idea to ask your GP for a copy of the referral because sometimes their faxes don't reach us. To make sure there's no delay in starting your treatment, please contact us the day after your GP sends the referral to check if we've received it.

We schedule ADHD assessments on a first-come, first-served basis. So, having a GP referral can help you get an appointment sooner.

Costs for an ADHD assessment

ADHD assessments usually need 2 appointments. To ensure a detailed evaluation, it's best to have a letter from your GP describing your current symptoms and concerns. Also, fill in the questionnaires we send you and send us any past reports from psychologists before your appointment.

The cost for the first consultation is $875. Your out-of-pocket costs, or the gap, could be between $125 and $629, depending on if you've reached your Medicare Safety Net Threshold. The second appointment costs $400 and the out of pocket costs are between $50 and $275.

If you're not sure about your Medicare Safety Net status, feel free to get in touch with us or speak with Medicare directly.

Arranging your appointment with Epsychiatry

We aim for a smooth and quick start to your journey with us. After receiving your referral, we'll confirm costs, match you with our psychiatrist who takes ADHD referrals in WA, and ask you to fill out a registration form and questionnaires.

Our services are provided solely through telehealth. This means you save on travel costs and time, and enjoy flexible scheduling options.

ADHD Medications at WA Pharmacies

Here are some common questions clients have about ADHD medication in WA:

Can I get repeats on my prescription?

Yes, repeats are possible. This depends on how long you've been taking the medication, any adjustments to your treatment, and your next appointment schedule. It's important to talk about this with your psychiatrist.

Can I use a generic version of the drug?

Yes, generic drugs are often less expensive but just as effective as brand names. For ADHD, generic options like immediate-release methylphenidate and atomoxetine are available.

Is it safe to drive or use heavy machinery on this medication?

If your job requires using heavy machinery, you may need approval to use these medications while working. Always discuss this with your psychiatrist.

Can I fill my prescription early?

If you have travel plans or a tight schedule, you might wonder about getting your prescription filled early. This needs to be discussed with your psychiatrist. Remember, ADHD medications are strictly regulated, and early refills are usually not allowed.

Your psychiatrist is there to help and answer any questions. They aim to make sure your treatment works well for you, so always feel free to share any concerns or questions you have.