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Mental health issues, if left unmanaged, can make life unbearable for individuals and those around them. Mental health is much broader than a diagnosis, it relates to psychological well-being, emotional functioning and health on a broader scale. Good mental health doesn’t just mean the absence of a mental illness, it refers to a state of wellbeing where you feel good and are able to function well in the world. Read this article to learn How to improve mental health.

​Most people would agree that good mental health is important to maintain. In an ideal world, we would prioritise our mental health over competing life demands. However, reality often takes over and it is not uncommon to prioritise other things, such as work deadlines or providing for others. After a while, however, this can take a toll.

​Whatever your circumstances, taking care of your mental health is important. This may involve seeking professional support and treatment.

Services that are provided by telehealth.


Why Epsychiatry?

We understand the importance of mental health care and the barriers people face in accessing quality, professional support. We believe all people have the right to positive mental health and that access to mental health care should be universal. Our aim is to remove key barriers to treatment. With the use of technology, we aim to improve access to high quality professional mental health care so that all people can access the supports required to assist them to reach their optimal state of mental wellbeing. At Epsychiatry, you can access telehealth psychology and psychiatry services via our online platform. Our clinicians each have over 10 years of experience in the mental health sector and all are well equipped to help people manage a variety of mental health concerns. At Epsychiatry, we also produce informative content on mental health, which is available on our blog, Youtube channel and social media platforms. Our educational content covers a range of topics from common mental health conditions, diagnosis and treatment, and information for carers.

What is telehealth? Telepsychology and telepsychiatry explained

Telehealth refers to the process by which individuals access health care remotely, either via online video platforms or phone. Telepsychology and telepsychiatry are extensions of this term and refer to the process of seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist, respectively, via telehealth. There is an increasing number of psychologists and psychiatrists who see patients by telehealth. Telehealth removes the need to see a clinician face to face and is therefore perceived by many as a more convenient way of accessing support. Telehealth mental health services provide the same quality of care, are regulated by the same standards, and are shown to be just as effective as face to face mental health care. Many people have benefited from telepsychology and telepsychiatry, and accessing these services may be the first step towards improving your emotional wellbeing and quality of life.
An old man getting help by talking to a doctor through the phone.


Mental health in regional and remote areas

Talk of shortages in the Australian mental health workforce is widespread in the media. In particular, it is widely recognised that there are insufficient resources to meet the demands for mental health care, especially in regional and remote areas. For many communities, the closest psychologist or psychiatrist may be many kilometres away. With growing awareness of the importance of mental health and increased funding from the Australian government, telepsychology and telepsychiatry services have expanded rapidly to help meet the need for mental health care across Australia. Equipped with software to video call patients online, psychologists and psychiatrists can now provide services to individuals from a much wider geographic region, many of whom were previously unable to access specialised mental health support. State and regional boundaries no longer determine access to mental health clinicians. A psychologist or psychiatrist located in another state or metro area now has the potential to treat a patient living hundreds of kilometres away, in an area where there is a shortage of clinicians. ​Telehealth makes mental health services more accessible and convenient to patients in need. Telehealth is likely to suit people who are time-poor, recuperating at home after illness or hospitalisation, limited in access to transport, located in rural and remote areas, and those whose capacity to leave the house is impacted by their mental health condition.
Getting help from a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

Why see an online psychologist or psychiatrist?

Accessing support to improve your mental health can be life-changing. Mental illness is common, with over 40% of people experiencing a mental illness in their lifetime. Mental illness is also debilitating and a large contributor to the global burden of disease. There are effective interventions to treat mental illness, however, and these are becoming more readily available with access to telehealth.

If you believe you may be suffering from a mental illness, if you think to improve mental health or if you know someone who is, take a positive step towards recovery by contacting Epsychiatry today. Online mental health care is often easier to access and associated with shorter wait times, compared to face to face services. Our psychologists and psychiatrists can provide you with support and evidence-based treatments for a range of mental health concerns. We suggest you speak with your GP to obtain a referral.