Dr. Profile

Dr Timothy (Tim) Berry

Dr Tim Berry is a UK trained consultant psychiatrist with over 15 years of experience in general adult psychiatry. Dr. Tim has extensive hands-on experience in dealing with clients aged 18 to 65. His expertise along with a thorough assessment of his patients allows for best treatment and management plans.
Some of Dr Tim’s key areas of expertise are managing clients with major depressive and anxiety disorders, bipolar affective disorder, personality disorders and schizophrenia. He provides comprehensive individualised care, to not only treat mental health disorders, but to help each patient reach their full potential in life, and work. Quality psychiatric care is not just about medication. Actually, medication is only a small part of being well. Dr Tim works with other care providers, families and other important supports, to help create an environment for recovery and health.

    BMed Sci (Hons)

  • ADHD assessments
  • ASD assessments
  • Does not prefer to work on DSP / NDIS applications