Public Perth Psychologist & Psychiatry Service

We get that navigating mental health services is hard, even in the best of times. There’s public, private, NDIS providers, disability and aged care worker who all qualified and trained to provide mental health care. It’s a complex system, to begin with, and it’s changing continuously. At Epsychiatry we provide private psychiatry and psychology services. We have private Perth psychiatrists who see our clients.

Below you will find a list of public mental health clinics. These are secondary specialist services. At these outpatient community clinics where you can see a Perth psychiatrist or psychologist. If you scroll further down, we come up with small Q&A sections. There we cover some of the aspects of seeing public Perth psychologists or psychiatrists.


List of Community Mental Health Services in Perth – Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Mental Health Nurses & Social Workers.


Adult Community Mental Health Service – Bentley

Address: –18-56, Mills Street, Bentley WA 6102
Phone :-(08) 9416 3544


Adult Community Mental Health Service – Osborne Park

Address: –Osborne Park Hospital, Osbourne Place, Stirling WA 6021
Phone :-(08) 9346 8350


Adult Community Mental Health Service – Mirrabooka

Address: –Unit 1, 20 Chesterfield Road, Mirrabooka WA 6061
Phone :-(08) 9344 5400


Community Mental Health – Perth Psychiatrist City East

Address: –74 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000
Phone :- (08) 9224 1720


Community Mental Health Service – Clinical Treatment Team (Eudoria Street Centre) – Armadale

Address: – 88 Eudoria Street, Gosnells WA 6110
Phone :- (08) 9398 6600


Community Mental Health Service – Midland

Address: – 281 Great Eastern Highway, Midland WA 6056
Phone :- (08) 9237 8600


Community Mental Health Service – Assessment and Treatment Team (Mead Centre) – Armadale

Address:- Armadale Health Service, 3056 Albany Highway, ARMADALE WA 6992
Phone:- (08) 9391 2400


Adult Community Mental Health Service – Subiaco

Address:- Address withheld – call for more info
Phone:- (08) 9489 7200


Adult Community Mental Health Service – Butler

Address:- 81 Exmouth Drive, Butler WA 6036
Phone:- (08) 6372 1500


Adult Community Mental Health Service – Rockingham Kwinana

Address:- Ameer Street, Rockingham WA 6168
Phone:- (08) 9528 0600


Joondalup Community Health

Address:- Regents Park Road, Joondalup WA 6027
Phone:- (08) 9300 1620


South Coastal Health And Community Services

Address:- 4 Civic Boulevard, Rockingham WA 6168
Phone:- (08) 9550 0900


Which location should I call?

Call the service closest to you. These clinics are spread across Perth. They each have a catchment area and see people in the neighbouring suburbs. The person answering the phone will usually


Who can call these services?

Anyone. If you are concerned about your mental health, call your local service to get advice and suggestions. If you feel a friend or family member needs help, you can call on their behalf or bring it to the service’s attention. GP, Perth psychiatrists, psychologists, NDIS service providers, concerned employers and neighbours, can and have all called triage. It’s a service that is available to the local community.


Who will I speak to initially?

During business hours your call will likely be answered by a receptionist. The person answering the phone is unlikely to be a mental health clinician. However, they are likely to be someone who knows their service and can direct you to the right person.


What happens if I call at night (after hours)?

If it is an emergency, that requires an urgent response it is best to call ‘000’. If you call late at night, you will likely hear a recorded message that will include an after-hours triage number. In most cases, your call will be forwarded to the after-hours service.


How long before I get seen by a Perth psychiatrist or psychologist?

It’s unlikely that you be seen or speak with a local Perth psychiatrist when you call. Generally, calls are taken by someone working at the triage office in these clinics. In some instances when an urgent assessment is needed, a local Perth based psychiatrist might be involved in an in-person review soon after the first call.


What happens during the first call with triage?

Each of these services is slightly different. Generally, when calling triage you will speak to either a mental health nurse or social worker. They will want to know your details, for example, your name, address and phone number. They will want you to share your story and concerns, after which they will ask clarifying questions. Some callers can find this difficult. However, it helps if the mental health clinician has a thorough understanding. You can certainly let them know if you find their questions intrusive or upsetting.


What happens after the first call?

Towards the end of your initial call with triage, generally, the person you are speaking with will try to make a plan. They may suggest you speak to your GP, come into hospital or agree to call you back with more information. In some instance, they may arrange an assessment with a local Perth psychiatrist for you.